How Revolve saw a 66% lift in average order value with RemoteRetail’s conversational commerce platform

REVOLVE’s fully personalized virtual shopping experiences led to a 66% uplift in average order value, increased conversion rates, and improved customer loyalty. 

REVOLVE, the next generation fashion retailer for Millennial and Generation Z consumers was searching for the right partner to drive sales growth and improve customer styling and services. The e-commerce powerhouse fully integrated the RemoteRetail platform launching Style Experts, its online styling service, to continue the enhanced clienteling experience

REVOLVE’s deep commitment to connecting with the customer through personalization and curation was formalized with the integration of RemoteRetail’s Customer Engagement Widget, their digital platform for online and offline, one-to-one conversations between stylist and customer. Powering the conversations and curation of REVOLVE’s Style Experts Ally & Ryan and their team of stylists, RemoteRetail’s platform has accelerated the turnaround time for product and style recommendations by stylists by almost 50%. Ally& Ryan have access to complete customer profiles give and therefore, a real-time understanding of what the customer wants, needs (or already has). As a result, they can be sure that they are sharing products that they know the client is actively searching for. 

RemoteRetail’s Visual Merchandiser makes it quick and easy for stylists to provide highly personalized product recommendations. REVOLVE’s online stylist’s access to a detailed customer profile elevates customer engagement with every interaction. 

The results: increased sales and lower return rates.

After integrating RemoteRetail solutions, REVOLVE saw a 66% uplift in average order value. Sales conversion rates increased by 20% and they saw a 10% return on the investment.

“Powering our conversations and curation with RemoteRetail’s product suite enables our Style Experts to respond faster to our shoppers with more precise product recommendations, deepening the connection to our customers at each interaction.”


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