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RemoteRetail’s mission is to help businesses achieve success by enabling highly personalized customer experiences resulting in unparalleled customer loyalty, increased conversions, and higher profits.

The Team

Anna Jensen
Anna Jensen


Anna Jensen

Anna leads brand and partner relationships for RemoteRetail. Her primary goal is to help clients achieve success at every touchpoint. Anna's previous experience includes marketing, PR, sponsorships at ObjectVideo, Monumental Sports & Entertainment, and Fight for Children.

Gary Myers, CTO
Gary Myers

Gary Myers

Gary is a technology veteran with 25 years of development expertise including 15 years leading Computer Vision R&D team at ObjectVideo and 9 years of mobile app development.

Colleen Babul, Director of Operations
Colleen Babul


Colleen Scott

Colleen manages the daily styling operations for brand clients. The Founder of City Luxe Style, a personal styling company and fashion & beauty blog, Colleen brings more than 15 years of marketing experience, including branding, website development, and advertising to the team.

Brian Soares, Software Engineer
Brian Soares

Brian Soares

Brian is a full-stack developer with expertise in microservice development, scripting, and UI/UX implementation.

Sarah Vermillion, Intern
Sarah Vermillion


Sarah Vermillion

Sarah assists with the daily styling operations for brand clients.

Board of Directors

Raul Fernandez, Chairman & Lead Investor
Raul Fernandez

Chairman, Lead Investor

Raul Fernandez

+ Vice-Chairman & Owner, Monumental Sports and Entertainment (Washington Wizards, Capitals, Capital One Arena)
+ Special Advisor to General Atlantic
+ Former Kate Spade Board Member
+ Founder, Proxicom

Matt Shay, Director
Matt Shay


Matt Shay

+ President & CEO of National Retail Federation (NRF)
+ Former CEO of International Franchise Association

Paul Zolfaghari, Director
Paul Zolfaghari


Paul Zolfaghari

+ Operating Executive at Carrick Capital Partners
+ Former President of MicroStrategy

Andrew Warren, Director
Andrew Warren


Andrew Warren

+ CFO of STX Entertainment
+ Former CFO of Discovery Communications
+ Former CFO of Liz Claiborne

Special Advisors

TR Newcomb, Tumblr
TR Newcomb

TR Newcomb

Marc Morris, General Atlantic Partners

Marc Morris

William McComb, Kate Spade

William McComb

Todd Bradley, Hewlitt Packard

Todd Bradley

Chris Capuano, Avigilon

Chris Capuano

Dan Murray, Bed Bath & Beyond

Dan Murray

Scott Zalaznik, Adidas

Scott Zalaznik

Martine Reardon, Macy's

Martine Reardon

Strategic Partnerships


Increase sales. Strengthen brand loyalty. Elevate customer engagement.

Let us show you how.

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