Improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity

Respond to the dramatic shift to remote work with tools and services that keep employees safe and happy.

Our Remote Workplace Solution is a Future of Work (FOW) Azure-based Software Service
Developed in partnership with DXC Technology

Company-paid and company-approved accessories are easily ordered directly by employees and shipped to their work-from-home environment. The result: safer, happier, and more productive employees and drastically improved operational efficiency.

“79% of employers are looking for better digital tools to enable a mix of on-site and remote work.”

-Ernst & Young
Reimagining the Workplace Post-COVID”

Fully integrated employee-centric software services for global 1000 companies

Global Solution with Fully Customizable Deployment

Supports employees across the globe with per-country catalogs and a flexible phased cross-enterprise rollout. Adoption can be phased to who you want, where you want, when you want.

First-Party Employee Data

System analytics provide deep knowledge about employee preferences, workspaces and equipment needs. Direct access to first-party data facilitates strategic partnerships and buying decisions.

DXC Gear Future of Work Platform

Centralized Inventory Management

A centralized database of equipment preferences and inventory streamlines the development of financial statements, taxes and aids with transitions. Manage refresh cycles with limits on what employees can buy and when they can buy it.

Real-time Employee Support

Save time and reduce frustration with chat support. Employees can troubleshoot work from home issues in real-time.

The Workplace Is Not What It Used To Be.

And it will never be the same.

Work is no longer tied to a single location and optimizing employee safety, happiness and productivity is a critical priority for successful businesses in this evolving environment. Remote Workplace solutions respond to this need.


The future workplace can be anywhere. Our personalized employee marketplace will streamline and facilitate a variety of ways of working with your employees.


Increase Employee Satisfaction

Provide employees with the equipment they need to make their jobs easier and more productive. Employees with a properly equipped home office can perform just as effectively as those working in person—but with a greater sense of flexibility.


Improve Productivity & Operations

Reduce the onboarding process and streamline equipment acquisition so that your employees can focus on the work that matters most to your business. Equipment ships from the manufacturer, eliminating the need to manage inventory.


Support your Hybrid Workforce

Meet your employees where they are—whether they're in the office or on-the-go. The platform extends to mobile devices, enabling users to manage their equipment when they’re not at their desks.


Reduce Administrative Oversight

A familiar user experience empowers employees to complete purchases and solve problems themselves. When self-service tools like order history aren't enough, employees can troubleshoot issues in real-time with chat support.


"The process is smooth, seamless, and easy!"

"I just read the email that my equipment has been sent, and literally within 5 minutes my doorbell rang, and it was delivered."

"Wow, that was easy!"

"The system is working brilliantly!"

"Overall the experience was great and I could complete the order in less than 5 minutes."

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So much red tape with no employee empowerment.


1. “I need a new headset”
2. Email my manager
3. Get approval
4. Fill out multiple forms
5. Await approval and PO
6. Place order
7. Equipment ships to office
8. Pick up equipment


Streamlined employee-centric experience


1. Browse curated company-approved, company-funded products on company-branded remote workplace portal.
2. Place an order.
3. Receive the order at home.

That's it.


Before: 2 full business days of employee time across multiple business units.



Now: Less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


Less Frustrating
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Delivering fully integrated, employee-centric software services for global 1000 companies.

Increased employee satisfaction. Improved productivity. Optimized operations.

Let us show you how.

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